Bible Study Plan

Understand the complete story of the Bible once and for all, in an easy, simple and didactic way!

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of people start but do not finish reading the Bible
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of people can understand and absorb the knowledge in the bible
millions of Americans stopped reading the bible after the pandemic

But don’t worry, if you are part of this statistic, we are here to help you!

The lack of the Bible Study Plan...

Causes you to start and never finish reading the Holy Book


You are disappointed that you can't reach your goal of becoming wiser

But calm down!

If you want to change this story, through the smart study schedule, we will help you!

Advantages of the Bible Study Plan

Study Organization

With the Plan you will be able to study the Bible in an organized and objective way

Extensive knowledge

You will have a broad and complete knowledge of all biblical history


Reading the Bible will bring you all the wisdom you need to grow and evolve

Faith and discipline

You will increase your faith and discipline after absorbing all the available Bible study content

The Bible Study Plan will take you by the hand and guide you through the entire history of the Holy Book so that you understand EVERYTHING once and for all!

All books summarized!

All books summarized!

You will have access to all the books abridged for easy understanding and with illustrations that will help you feel at the time they were written.


Now you will have no more problems to read the Bible from beginning to end and understand what is most valuable in the scriptures…

A complete combo of materials with everything that is most important for your growth and learning!

Do you always start studying the Bible and end up having a lot of difficulty understanding some passages, some verses, and some messages that are passed on?


This Bible Study Plan will help you to excel in your studies and make you more motivated to learn everything there is in the Holy Bible.

The perfect material to make you understand the Bible's ABC.

Rare and precious

Imagine having in your hands a complete material that will help you to understand the whole Bible forever…

Simple and practical

With objective language and no difficult words, the Bible Study Plan will make it easy to understand the whole story.

Why do you need this material?

Why do you need this material?

Everyone knows how difficult it is to read and understand the Bible without some support and backing.

And now you will finally have the clarity to absorb the Biblical knowledge more easily and quickly, IMPROVING your level of connection with God.

What will you get?

Here are some things we have prepared to help you on your journey:

A guide to organize your reading

To make it easier for you, you will get a brief summary of each book, written in a clear way and in current language.

Calendar of events

You will understand the chronology of each biblical event and will no longer be lost with the historical facts.

Key passages

The most important and well-known verses gathered in a single material for you to study and learn from.

Bible History

The complete history of how our Holy Book was written and all the men who actively participated in it.

Reading Time

You will have a prediction of how long each chapter will take to read, so that you can program yourself to start and finish efficiently.

The story of Jesus

The complete story and everything our savior Jesus Christ did while passing through this earth.

+8 interesting facts from the Bible

Who is this material for?

For each and every person who is seeking knowledge and wisdom through Bible reading and wants spiritual growth and a greater connection with God.

So, tell me...

Have you ever curled up reading the Bible?


Do you always struggle to understand and apply what you read?


Have you ever given up reading in the middle of the road?


Can't stand having doubts anymore?


Do you always wonder how to be a connoisseur of the word?


If you answered YES to at least 2 questions, you immediately need this material in your life!

This is your chance to have a complete material that will help you to:

Recap of everything you will get:

Recap of everything you will get:

TOTAL: $ 144,00

But today only, you will have access to ALL this MATERIAL for only:

But today only, you will have access to ALL this MATERIAL for only:

$ 17,00

Start today to become an expert and good Bible understanding, and…

Grow spiritually

Gain broad knowledge

Learn the full history of the Bible

Become an enlightened person

Live by the Holy Scriptures

Realize your goal of finishing the reading

Have a prosperous future in God's law

This material is perfect for:

Imagine you and your family enjoying all the sacred knowledge?

If you want to live the best of this life and put into practice everything that has been written for more than two thousand years.

I am sure this material will help you!

Now I have nothing left to say... The DECISION to start understanding the Holy Bible TODAY is yours! Take this OPPORTUNITY and ACCESS the Complete Bible Study Plan now.

$ 17,00

Created By Jessika Reis

Después de pasar toda su adolescencia buscando conocimiento y tratando de entender la Biblia a profundidad, siendo testigo de varios eventos tristes en su familia como: separaciones, peleas y mucha depresión, decidió que no quería pasar por la misma situación. Estudió hasta lograr su gran objetivo, entender todo el libro y seguir ayudando a muchas personas que también quieren tener el conocimiento que está disponible para nosotros, pero no podemos disfrutarlo de la manera correcta. Jessika Reis decidió poner a disposición de las personas todo su conocimiento, para que no solo ella pudiera tener una mejor vida espiritual, sino toda la población que sufre a diario por la ignorancia. Como resultado de mucho estudio, trabajo e investigación, nació el Cronograma de Estudio Bíblico, el material que ya ha ayudado a miles de personas a entender la Biblia de una manera sencilla y clara.

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